Aihui (璦琿)

Date of Liberation: 10 August 1945, first magistrate: Xiao Jingruo (肖敬若). Aihui is located on the border with Russia.

1st stamp issue (Kerr 3.6-7)

Provisional Issue: Stamps Overprinted “Temporarily Used” and Surcharged
Issued:May 1946
Issued by:Aihui Postal Administration (璦琿郵政管理局)
Period of use:May to July 1945
Overprint:“Temporarily Used” and Surcharged (“暫作” 改值郵票) / on previously overprinted stamps from Harbin (哈爾濱)
Print:Hand-overprinted with wooden chop in blue
Currency:Northeast Currency (東北幣)
Type 1

No mint stamps are known from the 1st stamp issue of Aihui (璦琿). The postmark of Aihui shows the exception that the reading direction of the place name is in modern writing from left to right. The year in the postmark consists of compact block-like numbers.

Market prices (USD)

(★)Kerr Cat. No.Remarks
AIH-1*)$1 / 10crose redL3a/b–,–30,00240,003.6-7
Set of 1–,–30,00*) unused copies are unknown