Liaoning Province (遼寧省) Local Issue, Suizhong (綏中)

Suizhong (綏中) – Date of Liberation: 1st time 1945 (August 15) – 1945 (November 18), 2nd time 1948 (September 28)

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This map only gives rough impression about area and location.

1st stamp issue (Kerr 198.1-10, Yang NE338-347):

Provisional Issue: Stamps Overprinted “West Liaoning Prefecture” (1945)
Issued: 1945 (September 10)
Issued by: Shuangcheng Postal Administration (雙城郵政管理局)
Overprint: “West Liaoning Prefecture” (“遼西專區”)
Print: Hand-overprinted with rubber chop
Currency: Manchukuo Yuan (滿洲國圓)
Valid until: 1945 (November 17)

All stamps of this issue shown here:

Some more values which often only can be found commercial used called for my opinion by mistake as “unissued”:

This set is listed in all Liberated Area stamp catalogs.

– All shown sets exists (at least some stamps of each set) genuine used on domestic covers.
–  Please be careful not to mix this set with the bogus set Kerr 121.1-14 (“LIAO SI”) with a very similar overprint! This is unfortunately a common mistake made by many philatelists, for examples Mizuhara mentioned in his catalog the stamp issue Suizhong (綏中) is Kerr 121.1-14, but exclude 2, 6, 7, 9. Bit funny … 🙂

I add here a graphics which helps to differ both sets:

Suizhong (綏中) top and “LIAO SI” bottom, the red arrows indicate the main differences. Besides “LIAO SI” has usually a much sharper impression as well, possible here was a wood chop instead of a rubber chop used.