Heilongjiang Province (黑龍江省) Local Issue, Mulan (木蘭)

Mulan (木蘭) – Date of Liberation: 1946 (January 25)

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This map only gives rough impression about area and location.

1st stamp issue (Kerr 144.1-10):

Provisional Issue: Stamps Overprinted “Chinese Republic” (1945)
Issued: 1945 (October)
Issued by: Mulan Post Office (木蘭邮政局)
Overprint: “Chinese Republic” (“中華民國”)
Print: Hand-overprinted with types
Currency: Northeast Currency (東北幣)

All stamps of this issue shown here. 2 分 and  4 分 also exits as booklet panes.

The GMD issued this and a similar issue with red overprint (Kerr 144.11-20). Only the black overprinted stamps were continued to use by the CPC after the Liberation of Mulan. In a strickt view this stamp issue does not belongs to stamps of the Liberation Areas of China, but as the stamps were confirmed used by CPC I list them here (late used covers usually bear a cancel with a date around April 1946. Stampless covers with violet chop were reported as well).

– All shown sets exists (at least some stamps of each set) genuine used on domestic covers.

Not shown:
– Kerr 144.11-20: Set is was issued and used by the GMD only.