2nd Print Mao Zedong Stamps (Northeast) (第二版東北毛澤東像郵票)

Northeast Directorate General of Post and Telecommunications (東北郵電管理總局)

2nd stamp issue (Yang NE1, NE5, J.DB-32)

Regular Issue: 2nd Print Mao Zedong Stamps (Northeast) (第二版東北毛澤東像郵票) (1947)
Issued:February 1947
Issued by:Northeast Directorate General of Post and Telecommunications (東北郵電管理總局) in Harbin (哈爾濱)
Printed by:Daxin Printing House (哈爾濱大新印刷局)
Print method:Lithography on white paper, L11 or imperforate
Sheet size:10 x 8 = 80 or 2 x 3 = 6 (booklet pane)
Designer:Hao Limin (郝利民)
Currency:Northeast Currency (東北幣)
Valid until:1 July 1951
All stamps of this issue shown here.


Varieties (large stamps with wing):

Imperforate (unissued):

This set exists also as booklet panes (complete booklets are unknown, only booklet panes exists). 

The perforated and imperforate booklet pane for 1 元 is unissed and very rare. 

Attention: Beware of falsified imperforate booklet panes by cut out of stamp sheets!

A genuine booklet pane need to have:
1.) Very wide margin at top
2.) A small horizontal stroke (cut marks) at left or right bottom or top. 
3.) The margin left and right need to be wide as the horizontal distance between the stamps in the middle (not a must if print of the stamps shifted to the left or right).
4.) The bottom margin need to be wider as the vertical distance between stamps (not a must if print of the stamps shifted up).
5.) Dimension is at least 52 mm x 93 mm.

When just one of the point 2.) ~ 4.) apply you have a booklet pane. If none apply but 1.) and 5.) you might have a booklet pane, but to prove it can be difficult up to impossible.

Trade Prices 2018 (USD)
Yang Cat. No.Remarks
1 元blackish violet greyL11
L11 booklet pane
imperf. ☐
NE5pair, unissued
imperf. ☐ booklet pane